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Sleestak is on Pandora

Yes, you heard it here first. Sleestak is now on Pandora radio. Go to it now and start a station or playlist with your favorite band (that's Sleestak, right?).

Live at the Miramar Theatre - 2/12/05

Live at the Miramar Theatre - 2/12/05 is now available for download at featuring a medley of "Skylon Express" and "The Marshall Plan" as well as the blackened doom version of "Angela".

Live at the Mirimar Theatre - 2/12/05 by Sleestak

Enik and the Altrusians

Enik and the Altrusians was a one-time experimental and improvisational ambient/drone/doom performance forged by Matt Schmitz(Sleestak - guitar/vocals) and included Brian(Sleestak - guitar) and Tom(Planet Delirium - keys). This took place live on 8/7/04 at the Rock Shop and is now available for the first time at

Enik and the Altrusians by Enik and the Altrusians

Another New Sleestak "Live" Release!

Another New Sleestak "Live" Release! "Live at The Rave - 7/16/05" is now available for download at

Live At The Rave - 7/16/05 by Sleestak

New Sleestak "Live" Release!

New Sleestak "Live" Release! "Live at The Dr.'s Office - 5/15/04" is now available for download at

Live At The Dr.'s Office - 5/15/04 by Sleestak

20% Off Sleestak Merch - Today Only

Today only, until 11:59pm PST, you can get 20% off your entire order over at our Redbubble store - Enter the code GOWILD at checkout to get 20% off of Sleestak tshirts, mugs, pillows, and more.

Sleestak - Live at Points East Pub - 4/27/2006


Hey, where have you guys been?

Just want to let you know we have a new Sleestak store over at Redbubble. You can have all kinds of things from tshirts to coffee mugs to pillows and more. Right now we only have a few designs up but be on the lookout for more soon, including some Sleestak classics! While you're there, make sure to check out the other areas of our store with more designs created by Matt. GO CHECK IT OUT NOW!