Illuminated Void - Veriditas (Official Full Album Stream) 2023


Illuminated Void - Veriditas reviewed at The Sleeping Shaman

 Illuminated Void - Veriditas reviewed at The Sleeping Shaman! Please check it out at the link below -

Illuminated Void - "God Is An All-Consuming Fire" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2023


Illuminated Void - "Virgo Lucifera" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2023


Illuminated Void - Veriditas available for pre-order!

 The album pre-order and first 2 tracks are now available for streaming, as well as the first official video for the song "Virgo Lucifera". Please go to The album is set to be released on 3/20/2023 Illuminated Void began as a dark ambient project fronted by Matt Schmitz (of stoner doom band Sleestak) and released their first self-titled album in late 2021, quickly followed by a second album in early 2022 entitled The Vesper Serpent. These albums incorporated haunting dream-like soundscapes with subtle hints of psychedelia and neoclassical traits and thematically revolved around alchemy, esotericism, and occultism. By mid-2022 the band was writing material for a third album as well as undergoing a massive shift in the overall creative direction - one that embraced the heavier side of music and paying homage not only to the influences of earlier works by bands such as Cathedral, Paradise Lost, and Anathema, but also the sounds

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