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 Initiatory Vibrations - A Collection Of Gnostic Chants And Meditations is the new solo album by Matt Schmitz and contains musical works interpreted from numerous texts (such as the Nag Hammadi Library), along with some original compositions to to help with deep meditation, ritual or relaxation practices. The album is a result of Matt's own spiritual and intellectual interests and combines elements of Eastern and Near Eastern chant, Gregorian choir, indigenous instrumentation, and modern dark ambient aesthetics. These elements are transmuted into an alchemic formulae bound together by underlying audiomancy techniques - the occult practice of inserting certain parameters within audio engineering for magickal purposes. The album is also available at: Spotify - Apple/iTunes -

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HARBINGER is the name of the new upcoming Sleestak album, featuring eight new songs of focused songwriting that brings the band out of its own ongoing metamorphosis into a fully realized force of heavy atmospheric psychedelic doom. Vocals, guitars, bass, and other instrumentation are done and were recorded at House Of The Rising Sun Studio in Hartford, WI. Now we are just waiting to finalize drum prep, but will be recording those elsewhere due to current studio limitations soon. We still don't have final timeline for the release yet but rest assured we ARE active! We are planning a limited run of CDs for this album as well. The current tracklist order for the album looks like this: 1. Harbinger 2. Obsidian Flow 3. If 4. Song Of The Sea 5. Northwoods 6. My Wild Love / Horse Latitudes (Doors cover) 7. Maya 8. Collapse We are really stoked on everyone getting to hear this new music.... STAY TUNED!


 Greetings, just wanted to give a quick update. Sleestak are actively working on the next album tentatively titled HARBINGER (don't fully bet on this title yet though). So far, four songs have been written and we plan on maybe 2-3 more. This is some of our heaviest material as well as more progressive. Expect some flavors of Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Solitude Aeturnus, Opeth, and Black Sabbath (of course). Sorry, we can't give a timeline yet for release though... Cheers, Matt

Sleestak - Aeon featured on Metal Forge Reviews

Sleestak - Aeon featured on Metal Forge Reviews

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