HARBINGER Gets Reviewed!

The reviews are rolling in for Harbinger... some favorable, some not as much. But we'll take the good with the bad and keep on carving out our own path! So, if you fancy a read (or a watch) about your newest favorite album, check out some of the links below! We will update this list as more kind folks take the time to review Harbinger. Do you know of any that we missed? Let us know! METAL STORM - JOE'S METAL MANCAVE - METAL DIGEST - THE SLEEPING SHAMAN - MUSIPEDIA OF METAL - METAL IN VEINS - BREAKING AND ENTERING - HAPPY METAL GEEK -

SLEESTAK - HARBINGER (2022 Full Album Visualizer) 7/23/2022 8pm CST PREMIERE!


New track "Northwoods" now up for streaming

 "Northwoods" from the new album Harbinger is now up for streaming! Go check it out!

Video preview of Harbinger's first track

 Video preview of Harbinger's first track...

Sleestak - *NEW ALBUM* Harbinger now available for pre-order!

 Sleestak is proud to announce that the CD and digital pre-order for the new album Harbinger is now live!  The first three tracks are currently available to stream and the CDs are limited to 100 only. The songs on Harbinger highlight the band's evolution, song writing maturation, and ultimate love for experimentation and genre-hopping. While there are a few Sabbathy arrangements thrown in for good measure, the attentive listener will be rewarded with doomy folk, ethereal psychedelic synth passages, soul-crushing guitar riffs, along with some of the most emotional material Sleestak have written to date. HARBINGER by Sleestak

the stoner freaks anthology - volume 2

 Sleestak is proud to announce that we'll be a part of the upcoming book "the stoner freaks anthology - volume 2" filled with info on hundreds of doom/stoner bands. Check it out at the link below!