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Sleeping Shaman review of AEON

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Sleestak - Aeon - FULL ALBUM STREAM

Altrusian Grace Media Presents: Sleestak - Aeon (full album) New for 2020 - Gnostic themed progressive doom metal. Releases worldwide on July 7th, 2020. Available at and also on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, and more. Recorded intermittently during 2019-2020 at House Of The Rising Sun Studio, Hartford, WI. All songs written by Sleestak except "STCFTHOTS" written by Pink Floyd. Cover art by Siddhartha Saravia. Sleestak T-shirts and more at

Sleestak on Howls From The Hollows

Sleestak is on Howls From The Hollows podcast featuring the song "Black Iron Prison / Submerged" from the upcoming Aeon album. Check out the podcast at

AEON now available for pre-order!

Aeon by Sleestak