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Waiting The Storm Out

New Sleestak interview is now up with the good peeps at Metalstorm . Catch up with some fun and interesting coversations about neo-nazis, the death of Chaka, Frank Sinatra, and magic mushrooms.

Days Of The Doomed 2 Pre-party

Just announced, the DOTD2 preparty will be hosted by Sleestak on June 21, 2012 in Milwaukee. We are currently seeking two bands to join in what is going to be an incredible show to kick off the fest. More details will be announced soon. If your band wants to be involved in this aspect of the biggest doom fest around, please email sleestak (at) for consideration. Cheers!

Chapter 3

If you haven't grabbed the new cd yet or haven't been to our myspace or reverbnation sites lately, you can now listen to "Chapter 3" from "The Fall Of Altrusia". Links are over to the right suckas cause I don't feel like adding them into the post.

Interview With Matt Tonight "LIVE" On Infernal Rock Radio

I will be speaking with the Bachness Monster about all things Sleestak tonight at 5:00pm CST on Infernal Rock Radio. Be sure to tune in, listen live, and chat in the chatroom at this location: Infernal Rock Radio

Sleestak Is Born Again

Stephen over at Born Again Nihilist blog has given us and the new album some amazing praise. Once again we are deeply grateful for the time taken and words given for "Altrusia". It makes it all worth while. Please check out the blog HERE and what a cool blog it is!

Review From

Here is a unique review from one of the main doom websites . I say unique because it is filled with many descriptives and adjectives like "cottony" and "acrimony". I say it's quite "effervescent".


Just want to say thanks to Nathan and Nanotear, Those Kickstarts, Romero, Club Garibaldi, The Fequency, Rokker and his new Rokker Vodka, and Totimoshi....all for your parts in the shows this past week. We had a hell of a good time! Thanks to everyone who chose to come out during the week to enjoy some of the heavy and support the music! Stay tuned for more show announcements.....

Sleestak In The Onion And Last Night's Show

The new cd has just been reviewed in The Onion's AV Club! A pretty good take on the disc by Matt Wild. Please go pay a visit HERE . Last night rocked the house down with Totimoshi and Those Kickstarts. Too bad you weren't there to see it. Very disappointed in Milwaukee. Thanks to the few who came to share the night with us! A note to those who failed to show: you can make it up to us by coming to The Frequency tonight out in Madison.

The Express Review

The Shepherd Express just did a review on our CD. You can read it HERE . Now, I always appreciate good, constructive criticism. I mean, when it's done right, it's really there to form a point from which to improve - at least for me it is. I try to be clear in my delivery of the death metal style of vocals but have been labeled "unintelligible" here. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?? Leave comments and tell me what you think about the vocals in Sleestak! Do they fit with what we do? Is it tasteful? Should I just shut up and we go full on instrumental? And no, I am not throwing a fit about it, as I don't really care and will continue to be as brutal as I see fit. I am just curious to know what everyone thinks.

Show Update

Some changes to the two upcoming shows with Totimoshi: 8/9/11 - Like Like The Death Deaths have dropped off the bill, looking for a last minute replacement to open the show. 8/10/11 - Poney has dropped off the bill, no replacement, now 3 bands. Also, Brian will not be making it to join us at this show but we are pleased to announce that synth player Ryan Rupprecht of the Milwaukee indiepop group Faux Fir will be filling in on keys for a Sleestak first! Not sure if he will be joining us on a regular basis yet though, but rehearsals with him have been very cool. Will be very exciting to play "Altrusia" like this live.....

On The Long Ride To Hell

I was visiting Hellride this morning, checking the forums for interesting news and info and stuff and lo and behold! Mr. Barnes has posted a short but very sweet review of Sleestak and something about how he'd like to be called "Big Daddy"....Go check out the prose HERE .

Sleestak Climbs The Obelisk!

Mr. Taskmaster has gone to great lengths to critique "Altrusia" and picks up on some of my own little qualms with the album, but, nevertheless its an incredible play-by-play review which you can read over at The Obelisk . Check it out and the awesome forum they have over there.

Sleestak Is Too High

Thanks to Gruesome Greg from Too High To Get It Right blog for taking the time to listen to and review the new CD! Please go check it out HERE but do it soon as I have learned THTGIR will be signing off at the end of August. Make sure you continue to follow Greg over at .