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Thanks Chicago

Big thanks to those who attended our show last friday. It was great to meet some of our fans and make some new ones. Cheers goes to Stone Magnum, Ravensthorn, Asgard Radio, Mike Smith, Fast n Bulbous blog, and everyone who experienced seperation from reality during our set.

We Be Trippy Jam-min'

Trippy Jam just posted the live edit of "Altrusia" I did awhile back, complete with all the psychedelic visuals you can handle. It's always cool to see who people compare us to and this time it's Manuel Göttsching from legendary krautrock bands Ash Ra Tempel and The Cosmic Jokers. This live recording was taken from June 2009 and has all of our improvisational/jam/psych parts blended together with a few samples thrown in for good measure, You know where the samples are from! Here is the Youtube version that earthless posted:

Sleestak Is Causing Ripples

It's a 'must' read. I'm talking about Sleestak's recent review held at esteemed The Ripple Effect. Penned by Mr. Penfold, it is a story of sorts, a brief, fictional adventure into the relaying of our ancient Altrusian wisdom. Yeah, go read it HERE . Thank you.

Für Unsere Deutsch Freunden

Ok, while I am a pure blood of Germanic descent I don't know how to speak it. Maybe someone could help translate the new review of "Altrusia" that appears in issue #7 of Doom Metal Front Zine . I'm going out on a limb and guess they enjoyed it? Fingers crossed.

Cosmic Lava Review

Mr. Klaus Kleinowski has been extremely kind in reviewing "The Fall Of Altrusia" for the readers of Cosmic Lava website. Go check it out as it's totally badass!

New Show Announced!

Sleestak will be joining Ravensthorn and Stone Magnum on October 21 in Chicago. The show takes place at Cafe Lura, 3184 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL. Be there, be doomed, or bugger off.