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Captain Beyond Zen Top 40 List

Captain Beyond Zen is in the midst of posting an incredible Top 40 list of the best stoner, psych, sludge,  and doom of 2011. Check out #14.......Peace out ninjas.

Sleestak Surfaces On 420 Trainwreck

We are really stoked to have made the #2 spot for the 420 Trainwreck Top 10 for 2011. Make sure you head over there to listen to the radio station if you don't already. Cheers and have a great New Year!

Follow Sleestak On Twitter

Looks like we are getting involved in all the social network you can now follow us on Twitter by going to that link or you can follow us on your fancy phone by texting: follow Sleestakmusic to 40404 in the United States More codes are available for other countries but I don't feel like listing all of them....

"Altrusia" Makes B.A.N.'s Top 10 of 2011

Born Against Nihilist just posted their Top 10 list for 2011 and Sleestak is very honored to be included. We made #2 on the list, just below Mastodon! Wow....Thanks guys! We hope we can follow up with an incredible record in the new year to share with everyone. Click HERE to read the B.A.N. review of the album from a few months ago. DOOM SHALL RISE in 2012.......

Sleestak on Facebook

Sleestak is now on Facebook . Make sure to visit and "Like" us on this new and innovative social networking service! :P

Sludgelord's Best Of 2011

Sleestak is proud to have made the Best Of 2011 list for the Sludgelord music blog. Go check it out, there's some great bands and albums listed there. And if you missed Sludgelord's review of "The Fall Of Altrusia" a few months ago, go read it HERE . Cheers!

Aural Innovations Review

The kind folks at the prog/space rock website Aural Innovations recently took a moment and reviewed "The Fall Of Altrusia" so head on over, take a look around and check it out. Cheers!

An Interview With The Shaman

The Sleeping Shaman recently conducted an interview with and about Sleestak-ness. If you'd like to hear about what we've got going on or experience a slight expression of my jadedness about some things make sure you go read it: Q & A with Matt from Sleestak

Vote For Sleestak! has a readers poll up for you to vote on the top/favorite doom album of the year. We are extremely honored to be even considered and in the running alongside such other bands as Yob, Black Pyramid, Indian, and Gates Of Slumber. Arm yourselves fellow Altrusians and march to the website to show your love for us and "The Fall Of Altrusia"..... Note: The poll is on the right side of the page, you may have to wait a few seconds for it to load. It is titled as: "The 2011 Favorite Album of the Year Readers Poll" Thanks and may the DOOM shine on....

The View

Ok, so I just heard that Metallica/Lou Reed thing for the first time and saw the video. Did they ripoff "Burnout" or what? Oh yeah thats one of the most original things I've ever heard before, nobody has ever done something like what Metallica is doing! (this is where I make it clear the sarcasm abounding) Shame on Lou Reed. EDIT: I felt it needed to be said that overall this song is garbage and should never have happened. Its like a horrible car accident you just can't help but look at.