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New EP Announcement

Well here it is, you guys have seen the art for some time, but here it is with logo/title : Sleestak - Book Of Hours . Tracklist: 1. Appeasing The Gods (Intro) 2. Seven Sorrows 3. Five Million Years To Earth 4. Lone Wolf 5. Blacklight Communion  It's shaping up to be more of straight forward (less noodling than our more psych stuff) heavy stoner/doom endeavor but expect it to be stellar with the Sleestak style and sound. We are still planning on April for studio time with a May release. Pre-orders will be announced in late March or early April and those who do may get an unreleased bonus track for being the early bird and supporting the band. Keep your ears to the ground for a solid release date for this EP as well as news on the upcoming full length later this year - it promises to absolutely destroy... Share the news and DOOM on.....