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First Review Of "Altrusian Moon"

I was just informed of a review of our latest release "Altrusian Moon" done by a very nice chap who goes by the pleasant name of Dr. Doom. You want to hear what he says? Visit Dr. Dooms Lair to get his take on this Bandcamp digital release of ours.

Early Video Of "Altrusia" From 2006

So I dug up some video of an early version of "The Fall Of Altrusia" played to an almost full house at Vnuk's Lounge in Cudahy, WI on 1/28/06. I guess this is to celebrate the six year anniversary of our debut of this doom epic. It's gone through many changes since then, that's for sure. Can you hear the differences? You can increase the screen size if you right-click on the video. Note: This is embedded WMV file so you may need to install a plugin. ENJOY!

Matt Schmitz: Sleestak Artist In Residence

So I've got myself another blog just started dedicated to my art and graphic stuff. Go check it out! It's still young and underdeveloped but you will see some cool shit from time to time. Don't forget to hit me up if your band or label needs some illustration work. MATT SCHMITZ ART AND DESIGN

More Bandacamp Material Now Available

We have finalized the uploads for "Skylon Express" now available at Bandcamp . This is free but also a "Name Your Price" download for those who wish to support the band directly. <p><p><p><a href="">Skylon Express by Sleestak</a></p></p></p> Also available are the complete Planet Delirium recordings known as "The Law Of Synchronicity" now at Bandcamp . Planet Delirium is the former band of Sle

"The Fall Of Altrusia" CD Is Back In Stock

The 50-minute doom/psych epic of "The Fall Of Altrusia" is back in stock and now available through Bandcamp . You can order the digital download or the CD which includes the download as well. <p><p><p><a href="">The Fall Of Altrusia by Sleestak</a></p></p></p> If you are in Europe you may want to order through Ozium Records in Sweden as they have a few in stock at the moment and will probably get it faste

From The Minds Of Madness

From The Minds of Madness: The Origins of Heavy Metal Band Names is now available! Sleestak was asked awhile back to participate with the story of how we chose our name and Blair Gibson was kind enough to include us in this amazing book. It even has a foreward by Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride! Please check it out and support Blair's work. Congratulations on the publishing deal!

New Album "Altrusian Moon" Available Now

"Altrusian Moon - A Lo-Fi Collection Of Psychedelia And Space Rock" Sleestak is kicking off the new year with a new release called "Altrusian Moon - A Lo-Fi Collection Of Psychedelia and Space Rock". Yes, we know: we didn't warn you. It is available at Bandcamp and is a "pay what you want" digital album - you can pay $0 or be as generous as you wish. We dug deep into our rehearsal archives to give our fans a glimpse into our relaxed free-form jams, a very psychedelic improvised musical exploration of song ideas. Yes, there are mistakes, missed drum hits, wrong notes, etc. but the journey is there - a raw yet sublime document of our times playing together in the basement over the years. Also included is the live remix jam version of "The Fall Of Altrusia" from 2009. You'll hear some of our wider influences in this material and may appeal to fans of Bardo Pond , Hawkwind , USX , Red Sparowes , Dead Meadow, White Hills , a

"Altrusia" Hits More End Of Year Lists

We are proud to announce that "The Fall Of Altrusia" has made the Top Albums of 2011 lists for both Doommantia and Heavy Planet . Both are incredible blogs/webzines with large readerships so it means a hell of alot to us to be included. 2011 was a great year for Sleestak....thanks everyone for your support!