First Review Of "Altrusian Moon"

I was just informed of a review of our latest release "Altrusian Moon" done by a very nice chap who goes by the pleasant name of Dr. Doom. You want to hear what he says? Visit Dr. Dooms Lair to get his take on this Bandcamp digital release of ours.


  1. Dear Sleestak, I recently got "Altrusian Moon" from bandcamp, and I really like it. I think I'd like it even more in a cleaned-up, mastered (remastered?) version. Would you guys ever consider releasing such a version of this record? I'd buy it!

  2. there are some issues with this. first and most significant is that the "master" recordings are on minidisc. to this day there is no way that I know of to rip the pure audio of them. We have to rip them through real-time playback through a 1/8th" jack to the computer input. We actually did enhance them and clean them up best we could. If you wanted "better" sounding please let us know if you come across a minidisc player with an optical "out" jack. also, we record our rehearsals with 1 stereo optical mic direct into our minidisc recorder. we dont use a laptop or even a multitrack recorder, but we think it sounds pretty good for what it is and really captures the soul of our jam sessions.


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