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the stoner freaks anthology - volume 2

 Sleestak is proud to announce that we'll be a part of the upcoming book "the stoner freaks anthology - volume 2" filled with info on hundreds of doom/stoner bands. Check it out at the link below!

New Illuminated Void Album! The Vesper Serpent

The Vesper Serpent is the second album from Illuminated Void, a dark ambient project by Matthew Schmitz steeped in esoteric and spiritual motifs. The Vesper Serpent is a singular track juxtaposed with both deep abyssal movements and neo-classical and folk passages which evoke a sense of mystery and of an obscure space which exists between waking and dreaming, between this world and another. Melodies and arrangements were chosen that explicitly manifested a synesthesiatic quality, evoking colors, shapes, and even picturesque twilight environments within the mind of the listener. The Vesper Serpent is an album not for the casual music collector, but for those who actively seek to connect to some other reality through the energetic exchange brought about by sound. The Vesper Serpent by Illuminated Void