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Sleestak - Fall Of Altrusia - Live at Vnuks 1/28/06


NEW Limited Edition Sleestak Tshirts and Hoodies

Sleestak - "Illumination" hoodie Sleestak - "Illumination" tshirt Sleestak - "Illumination" tshirt design Now through May 3rd 2016, you can order a special limited edition 3-color print Sleestak shirt. The shirt is "smoke" color. Click HERE to order one for yourself and show that you are still down with the cult of Sleestak. THIS IS THE FIRST OF THREE PLANNED DESIGNS SO STAY TUNED FOR MORE! BUY YOUR TSHIRT NOW

Entire Sleestak catalog for 15% off at Bandcamp!

You can now get the entire Sleestak archive (including the newly released digital album Altrusian Moon Vol. 2) for a cheap 15% off over at Bandcamp .