Pakuni Shaman Chant Of The Altrusian Moth

The ancient, weathered Pakuni medicine man sits cross-legged, staring into the slow burning ceremonial fire. He gazes into vast unseen dimensions which overlap all of time, taking advice from the ancestors and heeding the warnings of age-old legends. His prayer is chanted to the sky with the deep respect of life and mystery......

"opima mekiya ba chiri
fa dinda ogansa ocima
eram bako wocasa efurami
esishu opari meni gosa epi
wachi tiri efini ku pi ewoya
meni me saku epi ota
me saku ota"

"stone maker comes in silence
takes and eats the magic cactus
the moon brings strange ceremonies
to test the reasons of our fierce ways
now the quiet things go and follow the flowers
and we thank you for the glowing fire"

"Pakuni Shaman Chant Of The Altrusian Moth" is the final chapter of "The Fall Of Altrusia." Download and listen to it HERE for free. Enjoy!


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